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Highly reinforced concrete
700 - 1600 mm
Reinforced concrete
800 - 900 mm
Reinforced concrete
700 - 1200 mm
Highly reinforced concrete
600 - 1200 mm
Highly reinforced concrete
600 - 1200 mm
Highly reinforced concrete
700 - 1600 mm

Cutting various construction materials using a wall-cutting machine is one of the fastest and most convenient ways of diamond cutting. Due to the design features of this equipment, it is possible to perform cuts on horizontal, inclined and even vertical surfaces.

This feature is an undeniable advantage over floor saw, which allow you to perform work only on horizontal or inclined surfaces.

Another advantage of the wall-cutting machine is cutting at an angle and in non-linear planes. Special diamond blades for a wall-cutting machine are installed on them as a cutting tool.

A wall-cutting machine is professional equipment that requires certain skills at work, as well as special technical inspection in service centers.

Wall-cutting machines are used for cutting various levels of hardness and reinforcement of concrete, for all types of natural stones, bricks and other construction materials. Water is used to cool the diamond blade. Due to this equipment, you can perform a wide range of construction tasks:

  • Cutting or expanding door and window openings to a depth of up to 1 m.
  • Openings for elevators and ventilation systems.
  • Dismantling and restoration of buildings.
  • Creating openings between floors.
  • Cutting of foundations, columns and other concrete products.
  • Removal of interior concrete partitions.
  • Creation of various niches in concrete structures.

This is only part of the possible construction tasks that a wall-cutting machine can perform, both at the construction stage and during its reconstruction or dismantling.

When expanding openings, or dismantling individual parts using diamond cutting, the bearing capacities of the processed structures are not broken, unlike using various hydraulic hammers.

Selecting a wall-cutting machine, check the following factors:

  • Type of drive. The drive can be electric or hydraulic. The hydraulic drive can be equipped with either an electric engine or a gasoline generator. It is strictly prohibited to use hydraulic wall cutters with a gasoline generator in enclosed spaces. Instead, the electric engine can be used in any condition. At the same time, it is worth remembering, that they are very powerful, that's why they work only from a 380 V power supply.
  • Power. This value can range from 10-13 kW and up to 25 kW. For cutting the hard construction materials to a greater depth, it is better to use high-power equipment.
  • The diamond blade diameter. Wall-cutting machines use a diamond blade from 600 mm to 2000 mm in diameter. This is an important parameter when looking for equipment, due to the performed depth of the cuts depending on it.

When looking for a diamond blade for a wall-cutting machine, it is necessary to consider the processing material and the drive power. One kind of diamond segment is specifically designed for processing light and medium hardness materials, the other for highly reinforced durable concrete.

With the correct approach to the choice of consumables, you'll get comfortable work and a minimal cutting price.

The lion's part of the cost of a diamond blade for a wall-cutting machine is a metal body, due it's made of hardened steel and has a large diameter.

In this situation, after the diamond segments were worn, it is better to restore them because this operation will cost much cheaper than buying a new blade.

To restore such a blade, it is necessary to purchase a set of segments for the blade and together with the blade body contact a specialized soldering service center. The restoration process includes a mandatory defect in the condition of the blade body with subsequent straightening.

You can easily pick up and buy diamond blades for wall-cutting machines or segments for restoration on our website. Our consultants will give you advice, on which blades or segments are better to use for various materials, based on the power of your drive.

Additionally, you can learn more about the restoration procedure, how to order it within Ukraine and the cost of providing such services.

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