Grinding cups

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Brick Concrete
100 - 180 mm
125 - 180 mm
Granite Brick Abrasive sandstone
100 mm
Ceramic Porcelain gres
100 mm
Ceramic Porcelain gres
49 mm
Ceramic Porcelain gres
25 mm
125 - 180 mm
Porcelain gres
35 - 55 mm
Ceramic Porcelain gres
Ceramic Porcelain gres
Ceramic Porcelain gres
100 mm
Ceramic Porcelain gres
120 mm
Ceramic Porcelain gres
50 mm
Grinding cups

Diamond grinder cutter, which is often popularly called diamond cup, is designed for grinding surfaces of various materials, such as concrete, natural stone and ceramics.

Diamond grinding blades are divided into two main groups:

for operating on manual angle grinders without water cooling

for operating on industrial grinding machines, with water cooling

The diamond grinding blades are also divided into following types:

- segmented – concrete grinding

- with continuous diamond layer – ceramics grinding 

- with intermittent diamond-bearing layer – ceramics and natural stone grinding

Diamond grinding blade's quality depends on the quality of components it consists of. Steel body should be not only reliable but also light and balanced. The composition of the diamond segment or diamond layer (diamond powder grades, bond, concentration, grain) should be ideally matched and correspond to the material, on which the grinder blade will work.

There are various technologies of the production of diamond grinding blades. Depending on the technology, the price and quality of the tool varies, which affects the resource, productivity, and unit costs:

Sintering – process is performed in metal press-forms under pressure and high temperatures in the automatic cycle. This technology provides possibility of professional class tool manufacturing with specified characteristics, corresponding to its operating conditions.

Contact welding – diamond segments welding to grinder body in the automatic cycle. This technology does not overheat the segment, significantly increasing the joint strength. This contributes to the high term of service. 

Soldering is the outdated technology of diamond grinder blade production, segment joint is made through their soldering to the body. 

Distar company produces diamond grinder blades exclusively from the best components of top quality and only according to the modern technologies: contact welding and sintering.

All diamond tools manufactured by Distar, including diamond grinder blades, are divided into 3 classes: 

3D (Bestseller class) – professional tool with good price/resource/productivity ratio

5D (Extra class) – professional tool with the best resource/performance/unit processing costs ratio

7D (Industrial class) – professional TOP-class tool, that meets the highest requirements. 

For the customers' convenience, Distar diamond grinder blades are painted in different colors, which allows you instantly to determine which material they are intended for: 

Blue – diamond grinder blade is intended for concrete grinding

White or colorless – diamond grinder blade is intended for ceramics grinding 

Green – diamond grinder blade is intended for natural stone grinding 

For various applications, diamond grinder blade's properties must be corresponding. For example, for concrete grinding, the diamond grinder blade must have a large diamond-bearing layer area and have a high resource, withstanding abrasive conditions. To remove formwork seams and paint coatings, diamond grinder blade segments must have an aggressive form. During work on the height of outstretched hands, diamond grinder blade should be light and high-performance. All these features are considered in the wide line of Distar diamond grinder blades. 

The products of the Distar company are widely represented on the market. It is easy to purchase it in any city in various convenient ways:

- in most construction hypermarkets

- in most online stores

- by contacting a representative in your region

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