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Diamond drill bits for screwdriver

Ceramic tiles and porcelain stoneware decorate most modern interiors. And it is often necessary to drill holes of varying diameters in these materials for electrical wiring, water pipes, etc.

One common tool for such tasks is the screwdriver. Its main advantages are price and weight. Diamond drill bits for screwdriver are used as consumables for such tasks.

Ceramic drilling is not difficult because ceramic tiles are a very soft material, but porcelain stoneware is more difficult. Porcelain stoneware is becoming increasingly popular, so a professional power tool is best suited for drilling holes with a screwdriver. Below we look at the parameters to consider when selecting equipment:

  • Type of power supply. Either 220 volts or a battery can power the screwdrivers. The main advantages of network screwdrivers are power, weight (as they do not have a battery) and unlimited (with battery charge) operating time. However, cordless models are the most popular because they are more mobile. Please note that drilling on porcelain stoneware is a heavy workload, which is why you should have several batteries, preferably of high capacity, available when purchasing a battery-powered model.
  • Revolutions. Domestic models can run at 400-500 rpm, while more professional models reach speeds of 1500 rpm. 400-500 rpm is sufficient for tile drilling and it is not recommended to carry out such work at higher speeds as this will cause excessive heating of the material and drill.

Diamond drill bits 6-120 mm are used on the screwdrivers.  These drill bits are made using different manufacturing techniques, which have their own advantages and disadvantages.

  • Sintering of metal bonding with diamonds. The sintered drill has a high durability due to the high number of diamond crystals. During the drilling process, the diamond layers are continually renewed. The main disadvantage at first glance may be cost, but the operational life justifies the expense.
  • Electroplating. Unlike sintered drill bits, galvanic drill bits have only 1 layer of diamond and therefore have a low life. The main advantage is the high edge finish, as fine-grained diamonds can be used in galvanic drills.
  • Vacuum sintering. The vacuum drill bit, like the galvanic drill bit, has a single layer of diamonds. In addition to the low operational life, the disadvantages include high chipping on the tiles after drilling. The main advantage is the high processing speed and the low price. These drill bits are best used for pre-drilling and then hiding the machined edge.

Sintered drills are most often used for tile drilling as they have a high operational life, which significantly reduces the cost of diamond consumables for the craftsman. DISTAR produces sintered drills in diameters from 6 to 70 mm.

They can be used for drilling materials such as ceramic tiles, porcelain stoneware and even granite. Vacuum drills are becoming increasingly popular because of their low cost and high machining speeds. TM Baumesser offers a range of vacuum drills in diameters from 6 to 120 mm.

One of the most painstaking processes in tile drilling is the starting drill, as the first contact can damage the tiles. For easy and comfortable drilling - TM Mechanic has developed a special nozzle - EasyFix 70. It enables drill bit diameters from 6 to 70 mm to be centred with ease.  

Tile drilling with a screwdriver is done with water, as the tool and material become very hot in the process. Feeding water when drilling is not always convenient (especially on vertical surfaces). To solve this problem, TM Baumesser has a special cooling gel for drilling - CoolGel. Its main functions are effective drill bit cooling and sludge containment to improve the cleanliness of the work. Due to its consistency, it applies perfectly even on vertical surfaces. 

On the DISTAR website you can easily find a diamond drill of any diameter and for any application. Our diamond tools are suitable for any screwdriver! In addition to the drill bits themselves, there is a selection of different accessories that will make the toughest tiler's tasks a lot easier!

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